Dr. Bacher’s decades of experience are crucial in winning the biggest environmental fights in Ontario.

toronto star
John Bacher walks on farmland he helped save from development in Niagara Falls.

Environmentalists cheer Niagara Falls OMB decision, The Toronto Star, March 29, 2015.

But local resident Jean Grandoni, who opposed the development, said fighting to retain the shrinking agricultural base is “a matter of survival.”

“It’s high time that the agricultural communities got first choice of the land, and not the cities, because all they’ve been leaving us is the leftovers,” she said. “We’re trying to preserve what’s left.”

The board (OMB) ruled against the landowners in favour of environmentalists.

OMB rules against city, Niagara Falls Review, March 31, 2015

John Bacher, who participated in the hearing, said he was not surprised by the decision considering that this matter has gone on for 11 years…

“This is very important,” said Bacher, “because we don’t think there will be any more urban boundary expansions in the Niagara region and growth will be properly contained within the existing urban boundaries and encourage redevelopment on places like brownfield sites that are just abandoned and a blight on the landscape.”

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